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RE: "The Vegan Lass" YouTube Channel / Lauryn Phoenix

To any and all concerned and curious,

Vegan Lass is the name that I, Emily Wilkinson, write and cook under. This is something I’ve been doing since early 2014. Vegan Lass is also a brand and official trademark registered to myself.

I am not, and never have been affiliated with Lauryn Phoenix, the YouTuber who previously used the name “The Vegan Lass”. I believe that her usage of this name was- I would hope unknowingly- an infringement of my intellectual rights. Thankfully, for various reasons, Lauryn has now ceased to use the name Vegan Lass, although it remains attached to some of her posts and videos.

The following websites and pages alone represent me and my views:

Sorry to get all serious on you guys, but it’s become clear that there’s been some confusion here and I am keen to make known who I am, what I do, and what I don’t do. Vegan Lass is Emily Wilkinson. I am a Lancashire-born, Glasgow-based chef. I forage, share recipes, and aim to support pro-intersectional vegan advocacy. If you’re into that sort of thing, please stick around; if you’re looking to connect with Lauryn instead, please go to her own pages.

With big thanks and big love,