Are all your recipes vegan?

All of my recipes are vegan: they contain no meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, or any other animal- derived products or by-products. When using foods which might not usually be vegan, for instance milk or butter, I try to specify “vegan butter”, “soy milk”, or similar. In any instance where I have omitted such specifications, assume I mean the vegan version of a food.

Can we work together?

I'm always looking to take on freelance catering, writing, and recipe development projects. Check out my Services page for more details. If you’d like to collaborate or have me involved in something, please email me at emily [at] veganlass [dot] com.

Will you review my product/service?

I occasionally review products and services. If you’d like me to try something, please message me with details at emily [at] veganlass [dot] com. I reserve the right to decline and am always 100% honest in my reviews.

What’s a lass?

'Lass' is a word used in various parts of the UK, mostly in the North; I like to think it's a nice reference to my Lancashire upbringing. Essentially it means 'girl' or 'young lady', but it's sometimes used in a complimentary sense: 'She's a good Northern lass.'

Vegan Lass as a name describes me personally (I am a vegan and I identify as a girl), but it also encapsulates what I've always wanted to do as a vegan activist: to bring together old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, traditional and radical. I want to highlight the fact that veganism isn't a rejection of culture, but more like a modification; you can be a vegan and still be a good Northern lass or lad. In a broader sense this means that anyone, anywhere can go vegan without sacrificing any of their interests, heritage, food, style, or personality.

Got another question? Drop me a line at emily [at] veganlass [dot] com.